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                    AUTHOR  ILLYA IBBOTT
       Hello everyone and thank you so much for waiting patiently for this website and for the long process of putting together these great stories. I have written and came up with many ideas and stories sitting next to this burner. I found it when I was visiting the Island of Costa Rica and had to bring it back home with me, I had a few adventures there as well to write about and you will read some of them soon. I was born and raised in Flat bush, New York. Which is the heart of Brooklyn, I have also lived in many cities from Miami, Florida to Missisaga, Canada and I have traveled the world. Learning different cultures and traditions from as far as Germany to Guyana has made me grow as a father and as a writer.
        8 million stories characters are so vivid they touch everyone, there is a part of us in every story. You will surely be able to relate to a father like Robert raising his daughters alone, a recovering addict like Jackie who flipped out one morning and a husband whose family was torn apart because of the death of their child. These are stories that hit home with most readers and will be very entertaining and unbeilevable to others. However, remember every word, sentence and paragraph has some truth to it.
      I first started writing about crime, drama and murder but then I began to involve love, passion and a bit of family values into my stories with the title "First Love" and that was the "Missing link" to my writing.  Being raised in Brooklyn and having friends and family in neighborhoods like East New York, Hialeah, Williams Burg, Over town, Crown Heights, South Beach, Bed Stuy, Benson Hurst, Little Haiti and Bush wick, I experienced things people only dream of. There are so many stories that need to be told and I'm going to bring many to your home.
         I want to thank God first of all for simply allowing me to wake up every morning. To everyone that stood by me and gave me the motivation to keep pursuing my dreams, to all my friends on Face Book, Black Planet, etc, you really made a difference, your comments, best wishes and sometimes harsh criticism got me here and I love you. To the girls in my life (my daughters all six, did I say 6) you have shown and given me a love that allows me to express myself on paper and I want to share that with the world. To my brother and best friend (King Spliff), thanks for your 100% support, to all my children (all-inside joke) I love you with every breath in my body, you guys really complete me, to everyone that I've had the chance to make smile, its not over....